We met Deborah through friends. I was 6 months pregnant and my husband and I wanted to give birth at the Mount Sinai West’s birthing center. We were looking for a midwife and a doula to guide us in this project. We liked Deborah’s kindness, professionalism and peaceful mindset. We were also attracted by the hypnobirthing experience she was offering. For insurance reasons, we had to give up on the birthing center but we were confident enough to work with Deborah to have a natural delivery at the hospital.

She prepared us with 4 classes – she came to our apartment and always ended the visit with a 10 minutes relaxation session. She addressed different subjects: pain coping techniques, breathing and relaxation during labor, partner’s role, breastfeeding, etc. She carefully explained the whole process from late pregnancy to labor, delivery and post-partum. We have been able to ask her all the “dummy” questions we had. It was really important for my husband and I to have these moments and she gave us great tools to feel relax and prepared for the big day (playlist, book to read, mantras, relaxation exercises).

The delivery occurred in the best way we could have imagined. My husband and I worked as a team and we went through the surges together using the breathing techniques and the relaxation playlist. The hormones helped me to cope with the pain while I was fully dilating at home. Once arrived at the hospital, the pushing was the only part left and it took 15 minutes to our daughter to come to life. Deborah was with us at home right before the transfer to the hospital and in the delivery room. Her soft presence and advices were precious to us. She has never been intrusive in her support and this is something we really appreciated.

We are highly recommending her services to any future parents. The hypnobirthing is also an amazing tool for anybody who wants to experience a natural delivery.  

"Deborah was incredible before, during and after the birth, guiding us through every step with natural birthing techniques. After the birth, the doctor came into our room to follow up and told us we had an amazing doula. We highly recommend her to assit and help you in this precious life experience.”


Deborah was amazing. We could not have done it without her. She was an incredibly soothing presence with many techniques that got us through a twenty hour induced labor on pitocin without an epidural or c-section.

I highly recommend her to any pregnant women to have a successful labor and delivery as possible.



Hi Deborah,


Sorry for the delay on this! Please see my review below. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add/change. I’m open to your thoughts. I also attached a picture of us if it’s helpful. 


All the best, 



Deborah is a wonderful and amazing doula, full of positive energy. She was with me during my second birthing experience. I met Deborah through my hypnobirthing instructor and she came highly recommended. I met with her twice prior to giving birth to discuss details of the pregnancy, birth plan and hypnobirthing approaches. When it was time to prepare for labor, she came to my apartment and worked with me and my husband. We would take walks, do breathing and calming exercises, meditate, birthing ball exercises—all to prepare me for labor. After a few hours, I was ready to go to the hospital. There were moments when I was ready to give up. Deborah helped me stay firm to my birth plan and was my voice when I couldn’t speak. Deborah continually gave me and my husband strength, comfort and courage that everything will be okay. After my baby was born through natural birth, I was immensely happy. I am thankful that Deborah was there with us. We met with Deborah one last time after the birth. She checked to see if the baby was okay, feeding properly and if I was doing well. We truly enjoyed our experience and could not have done this birth without her.  

Déborah came to our home when our baby girl was 1 week old for two baby care sessions. It's our first baby and we felt a bit lost. She was so helpful and reassuring! She answered all our questions (even the most random ones!), taught us how to bathe and massage the baby, gave us so many advice on baby care but also home equipment. These sessions with her made us feel more confident and relaxed. She was also available afterwards through text messages to answer additional questions.
Then I felt so comfortable with her that I started the pelvic floor rehabilitation. She's a true professional and after three sessions I can already tell the difference. She's also the nicest person and makes me feel perfectly at ease.
I wish I had met her earlier and done the prenatal classes with her!


Deborah is really kind and was the best support during my pregnancy and childbirth. During the prenatal classes, she focused on training my body and boosted my confidence. She helped me understand the changes in my body and was 100% devoted to supporting me. We had a very special connection: I felt that I could really trust her and that she was always going to be there for me. And she was! During the delivery, I felt safer and more relaxed having her with me doing all the hypnobirthing techniques.


Contacting Deborah before our baby boy was born was one of the best decisions we made with my husband. She introduced us to the baby world and addressed with efficiency all the issues (pregnancy challenges, C-section, breastfeeding) we faced. She is available, caring, very professional and knowledgeable. The beginning of the breastfeeding process was challenging because of several difficulties, but thanks to Deborah's advice, I did not give up and now everything is going well for us.


Deborah was amazing during my second pregnancy, I wish I had her for my first! It was a memorable and euphoric experience and my husband and I wouldn't have been able to get through it without her.  She coached us through meditation and breathing exercises, kept us mindful of our safe places, and my voice in moments when I was ready to give up! She gave us strength when we needed it, and comfort when I felt fear.  She was fully attentive and forthcoming especially in times when I was feeling overwhelmed.  Deborah has a welcoming and warm presence that allowed us to fully trust her in birthing's most intimate moments.


Deborah has been of great help with pelvic floor rehabilitation after childbirth. The excercises she gave me were easy to do (which was great because with a newborn I didn't have much time) and at the same time they were very specific. After a few weeks I could see the improvement, and then eventually the problem was solved. Her manners are also incredibly nice. I highly recommend her!



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