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Sourire femme enceinte


What does Morgan's Method consist in exactly ?

More than a pure technique it's a real philosophy. But Hypnobirthing is above all a registered trademark. The concept aims in fact at preparing both body and mind to a soft and serene birth experience. The method was created in the USA by Marie Morgan 30 years ago with the intention to challenge the deep-rooted idea according to which delivery had to be painful, putting thus into question the fear and the stress that the mother's body has to go through.


The method consists in creating a wellbeing bubble around you so that you'll stay zen on D-day. to reach the goal, this birthing method resorts to several techniques : hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and visualization. Applying those every day will ease mom's pains since she will cope with them in the most natural and efficient way !

Did you say self-hypnosis ?

Contrary to some belief, a future mom under self-hypnosis can talk, hear, move… but she can also decide anytime to cut herself off from her surrounding to better focus on her baby. She then reaches an intense relaxation feeling and state that significantly reduces pain sensations and eases the physiological delivery process.


Who is it for ?

For women who wish to experience a less institutional delivery with their partner. Yes, if you go for hypnobirthing, you'll be able to involve your companion so that both of you will take part in the classes.


Caesarean delivery or with epidural anesthesia?

Beyond the focus on a state of extreme relaxation, hypnobirthing emphasizes the bond with your baby. It teaches moms how to re-appropriating the birth of their child and eases after-delivery healing.  This is why hypnobirthing can definitely be considered in case of Caesarean delivery or epidural anesthesia.


When can I do hypnobirthing?

Since 3 months practice are advisable, you'd better start between the 4th and 7th month of pregnancy.

My Package (in-person or virtual):

  • I will prepare both your body and your mind to a soft and serene birth experience through the different techniques: hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and visualization

  • Go through the role of the partner to allow him or her to be part of the hypnobirthing while giving birth 

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