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Postpartum Care

The necessity of medical care doesn’t end after birth. It is very vital to recognize the importance of appropriate postpartum care services to protect new mums and also their babies. 

The postpartum stage refers to the first 6 weeks after the birth. This is an amazing time but also one of the most intense time for the woman and the partner. Being surrounded and guided during this phase is the key for parenthood.


My package (in person or virtual):

One hour in-home session

  • Skin-to skin process

  • Breastfeeding techniques or which formula to use for your baby 

  • Bathing babies in a pleasant and secure way

  • Recipes to support your body and mind 

  • Guidance on how to use herbs and essential oil to support and balance your hormones

  • Recommendation on best products to use to recover quickly from the birth 

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