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Birth Support

Giving birth is the most beautiful event in one's life, a unique moment really out of time where from woman you become a Mother and from couple you become Parents at once ! This wonderful transition may lead to various questions but also cause additional stress, due in particular to the fear of the unknown as well as the one of going to hospital.


I propose you my services as a Doula likely to support and guide you throughout the birthing and help you in finding out the keys to achieve a serene delivery in all conscience. New parents are very often under the impression that they miss out on this magic event as hospitals highly focusing on the Protocol tend to forget to give to birth the importance it deserves. Doula's services are meant to support you in your birthing project and to make it possible to carry it out the way YOU and YOUR PARTNER want it !


My package (in person or virtual)

Package 1 (5 classes):

  • My knowledges and advices on the different choices of births in New York (home or hospital, natural or C-section)

  • Which physical exercises to do in pregnancy to have a great birth (ex: breathing techniques to reduce pain)

  • What are the different techniques to manage and reduce the pain during labor

  • One birthing class to get ready for the D-day

Package 2:

  • A first appointment free of charge to meet and know each other

  • One birthing class to get ready for the D-day

  • My help during the entire labor the D-day (at home or at the hospital)

  • One postpartum consultation to guide you through your first steps as parents

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