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Do you want to have a peaceful birth and get support during your postpartum?


I would love to meet you to support you through this beautiful journey.

My aim is for you to have a positive birth as it is great for your baby but also for you.

With my expertise and many advises we will work together to boost your confidence during the birth

but also make you feel full of joy during your postpartum. 



Deborah Doula

Hi there!

My name is Deborah, I am a mum, a French midwife and a doula in NYC.

I’ve always been passionate about birth and especially the power of body and especially the partner role during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

My mission is to guide you to have the most relaxed birth experience and have all the tools to become confident and empowered parents.

I started working as a midwife in France in the delivery room after 5 years of learning midwifery in France and Belgium.


After this experience I worked in public hospitals to help women to give birth in Marrocco and India. I was able to observe the management of pain and childbirth in different cultures and that's why I wanted to find answers to all these questions:

  • How to help a laboring mother to become more autonomous?

  • How can birthing parents welcome their baby with serenity and in a very positive way?

  • How can I help birthing companions play a role in the birthing process?

  • How can I apply my convictions in my role as a doula? 


I found part of the answers in HypnoBirthing® and after studying this subject in depth I can give you the best practice to have a calm birth.I would love to share moments with you, future parents, helping you become more serene, calm and united before, during and after the birth of your child.


Deborah was amazing. We could not have done it without her. She was an incredibly soothing presence with many techniques that got us through a twenty hour induced labor on pitocin without an epidural or c-section. I highly recommend her to any pregnant women to have a successful labor and delivery as possible.



Deborah was incredible before, during and after the birth, guiding us through every step with natural birthing techniques. After the birth, the doctor came into our room to follow up and told us we had an amazing doula. We highly recommend her to assit and help you in this precious life experience.



My experience with Deborah was really filled with joy. She really boosted my confidence before the birth explaining me all the different type of birth I could have. She also gave me so many tips to not be in pain during the birth. My husband was really relieved to have her on our side. Thank you so much Deborah!


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Thanks a lot for contacting me!

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109 Nassau avenue, New York, NY 11946
 My phone number: 347-748-4039
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