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What does Morgan's Method consist in exactly ?


More than a pure technique it's a real philisophy. But Hypnobirthing is above all a registered trademark. The concept aims in fact at preparing both body and mind to a soft and serene birth experience. The method was created in the USA by Marie Morgan 30 years ago with the intention to challenge the deeprooted idea according to which delivery had to be painful, putting thus into question the fear and the stress that the mother's body has to go through.


Practically, the method consists in creating a wellbeing bubble around you so that you'll stay zen on D-day. to reach the goal, this birthing method resorts to several techniques : hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and visualization. Applying those every day will ease mom's pains since she will cope with them in the most natural and efficient way !


Did you say self-hypnosis ?


Contrary to some belief, a future mom under self-hypnosis can talk, hear, move ...but she can also decide anytime to cut herself off from her surrounding to better focus on her baby. She then reaches an intense relaxation feeling and state that significantly reduces pain sensations and eases the physiological delivery process.


Who is it for ?


For women who wish to experience a less institutional delivery with their partner. Yes, if you go for hypnobirthing, you'll be able to involve your companion so that both of you will take part in the classes.

Caesarean delivery or with epidural anaesthesia?


Beyond the focus on a state of extreme relaxation, hypnobirthing emphasizes the bond with your baby. It teaches moms how to reappropriating the birth of their child and eases after-delivery healing.  This is why hypnobirthing can definitely be considered in case of Caesarean delivery or epidural anaesthesia.


Hypnobirthing in practice


Since 3 months practice are advisable, you'd better start between the 4th and 7th month of pregnancy.

I'll be glad to follow you and help you before, during and after the delivery.

Perineal Rehabilitation


The Perineum also known as pelvic floor

The perineum in obstetrics and gynecology is the muscle that surrounds and supports female external genital area between the anus and the vulva. During delivery it is widely tightened to allow the baby's body through which may sometimes overstretch it. Given risk factors linked to delivery, women do not equally respond to physical recovery : the muscle may require some time to go back to its normal function. In case of poor muscular tone, stress urinary incontinence may arise (i.e while practising sports, sneezing, coughing, during sex ...)  .


What does perineal rehabilitation consist in ? What kind of method can one resort to ?


The perineal rehabilitation doesn't limit itself to the perineal muscle strengthening, but one should consider checking the patient's urinary and defecation habits,as well. It most of the time ends up with an abdominal rehabilitation consisting in breathing exercises.


In France most people go for CMP Method (Connaissance et Maîtrise du Périnée)

In other words to get to know more about the pelvic floor functioning.


The method consists in carrying out twelve exercices on vulval and vaginal areas with the therapist's fingers checking those produce the expected effect at the right place of the perineum. They will enable thus to stimulate different muscles : first through power exercises and secondly through more sensory ones.


French CMP leads as a consequence to a tight collaboration between the therapist and the patient : that is to say that after learning, the patient will be able to reproduce the exercises by herself and adopt them for ever if regularly practised. From then on, this will result in treating and healing a perineal overstretching, muscle disorders, pains, urinary incontinence,  aerophagia or stool problems and preventing any pelvic organ descent. 


Is perineal rehabilitation necessary and if so do I have to start the rehab program just after delivery ?


One can start with the rehab program 6 weeks after delivery. Why not before that date ? Simply because before this deadline a very significant hormonal impact could mislead the therapist in his work. Perineal rehabilitation classes are particularly recommended for every woman after delivery but aren't that urgent : between 5 and 10 perineal classes and 2 abdominal ones are highly recommended.


The episiotomy is unhealed, can I still start with perineal rehabilitation ?


It's even strongly advised ! The therapist will then through massages favor the episiotomy healing process allowing the patient to continue by herself at home.


Perineal rehabilitation : how often and how long should exercises be practised at home ?


Self rehab exercises should be carried out 10 minutes a day as often as possible and reproduced as soon as one feels a perineal weakness arising again.


Childbirth Coaching


Giving birth is the most beautiful event in one's life, a unique moment really out of time where from woman you become a Mother and from couple you become Parents at once ! This wonderful transition may lead to various questions but also cause additional stress, due in particular to the fear of the unknown as well as the one of going to hospital.


I propose you my services as a Doula likely to support and guide you throughout the birthing and help you in finding out the keys to achieve a serene delivery in all conscience. New parents are very often under the impression that they miss out on this magic event as hospitals highly focusing on the Protocol tend to forget to give to birth the importance it deserves. Doula's services are meant to support you in your birthing project and to make it possible to carry it out the way YOU and YOUR PARTNER want it !


What I offer


- A first informal meeting free of charge

- A birth preparation class

- My assistance and support throughout labor and delivery at home or in hospital

- A post-birth meeting in order to guide you in your first steps as new parents


Support and Help during pre-conception period



One postpartum consultation to guide you

through your first steps as parents

My help during the entire labor the D-day

(At home or at the hospital)

A first appointment free of charge

to meet and know each other

One birthing class to get ready for the D-day


Support and Help during pre-conception period


The pre-conception period is an amazing moment, it's even the best way of preparing your future pregnancy. this time is ideal for reviewing your ideas about your couple, your life and your motivations to become Parents. It will allow you to look at your pregnancy and your " new status" in a  more serene way.

Comprehensive Doula Services


- Advice to follow an appropriate diet to favor and increase fertility

- Special reflection sessions adapted to your needs aiming at easing your mind and allowing you to better letting go ...

- Hypnosis classes to help you standing the wait and calming you down

- Practical advice about how to improve fertility day after day

- Theoretical explanations about all you need to know concerning women's cycles and nidation.


I would pleased to assist you before and after the birth so that you have all the necessary knowledges to make your breastfeeding experience as comfortable and successful as possible


Breastfeeding is the best way of creating a strong emotional bond between you and your little one, let me give you the long list of its longterm benefits :


- Breast milk is specifically tailored to your newborn's needs throughout the day

- It contains the ideal nutrition for your infants thus strengthening they immune system

- It reduces anxiety and stress for your baby who feels safe in your arms !

- It favors weight loss (burns extra calories)

- It increases your bond with your newborn

- It improves the baby's sensitive development, since the taste of breast milk varies according to your meals

- It helps preventing food intolerance

- It's easier to digest

- It saves you time and money and is very practical when you leave for a trip !


I would be very delighted to support you and offer you my pre- and postnatal services in providing you with the best knowledge for a successful breastfeeding.



About me

My name is Deborah and I am a 29 years old french midwife who obtained a European Bachelor Degree in Midwifery in 2014

I had the opportunity to deliver  200 babies in France, Belgium, New York and Morocco.

During some of the births I attended in other places, I felt uncomfortable seeing some laboring women give 100% of themselves and their bodies over to the medical side of things. As if there were no other ways to give birth and one had to rely solely on medicine.

Back in 2014, I had an amazing experience when I went to a tiny isolated village in the heart Morocco to help nurses in a rural hospital.


I started to be really interested in alternative methods and wanted to find answers to the following questions:

  • How can I help a laboring mother become more autonomous?

  • How can birthing parents welcome their baby with serenity and in a very positive way?

  • How can we help birthing companions play a role in the birthing process?

  • How can I apply my convictions in my role as a doula?

I found part of the answers in HypnoBirthing ® and I decided to dedicate my final year dissertation to that subject and to become certified as a HypnoBirthing ® childbirth educator. That is when I really started loving my work and delivering babies according to my beliefs, in harmony with my convictions.

I would be glad to share moments with you future parents, helping you become more serene, calm and united before, during and after the birth of your child.


Deborah was amazing. We could not have done it without her. She was an incredibly soothing presence with many techniques that got us through a twenty hour induced labor on pitocin without an epidural or c-section.

I highly recommend her to any pregnant women to have a successful labor and delivery as possible.


We met Deborah through friends. I was 6 months pregnant and my husband and I wanted to give birth at the Mount Sinai West’s birthing center. We were looking for a midwife and a doula to guide us in this project. We liked Deborah’s kindness, professionalism and peaceful mindset. We were also attracted by the hypnobirthing experience she was offering. For insurance reasons... READ MORE


"Deborah was incredible before, during and after the birth, guiding us through every step with natural birthing techniques. After the birth, the doctor came into our room to follow up and told us we had an amazing doula. We highly recommend her to assit and help you in this precious life experience.”


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